Thursday, May 19, 2016


Three cities in Ukraine have candidated for the Eurovision song contest 2017. It seems though NTU and EBU are settling for Kiev for all obvious reasons as other candidates Lviv and Odessa may be up to requirements from suitabel venue to hotel capacity and international trave connections. The work in Ukraine has already started and Viktoria Romanova, Head of delegation in Stockholm, hopes the people's fear of not having enough money to organize it will soon turn into joy and source of pride but the fact is they need some additional funding, and that's the main problem to be resolved. We can expect the decision where the contest will head to next May within a couple of months, before the end of summer at latest.
 "With regard to the budget there are no restrictions, but we have a moral feeling within ourselves that we should avoid luxury and sparkles purely for moral reasons, since after all the country is still in a war state" - NTU's General Director Alasania says.
The capital Kiev in the north is Ukraine's largest city with population of 2,9 million (3,375.000 in metropolitan area). Kiev alredy hosted the Eurovision song contest 2005 at the Palace of Sports, that hosted also the 2009 Junior Eurovision song contest.
Lviv in the western Ukraine has some 730.000 inhabitants and is Ukraine's 7th biggest city. Once center of the Galicia it fell under Polish rule before being taken over by Austrians, then again Poland, USSR and even Nazis ruled here so this city is filled with centuries of history. 
Odessa at the Blach Sea shore has just a bit over 1 million inhabitants. Originally founded by the Tatars in 1440. Less than 100 years alter it passed under Ottoman Sultan's power and remained there for the next 263 years. But before them there ws already a Greek settlement 6th century BC. Catherine The Great refounded the city in 1794. In the 19th century it was the Russian empire's 4th largest city after Moscow, St Petersburg and Warsaw, and it looks more like a Mediterranean town than Russian, thanks to its French and Italian inspired architecture. So, this would be a very interesting hosting city, too. Sadly it's not going to happen.....
Cities of Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk and Irpen have also applied. 

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