Sunday, May 15, 2016


As soon as Ukraine's victory was clear the speculation started can Ukraine host it in 2017 considering country's political problems, ecomincal crisis and war with Russia. Jon Ola Sand handed the organisation to NTU in Stockholm last night and the first meeting is scheduled for next week. Both seemed very trustful that it will happen and will be a success. 
Finnish Ilta-Sanomat got comment from Paul Jordan ak Dr Eurovision, expert and media commentator. He repeats Jon Ola Sand's belief that Ukraine can do it. The work starts next week and they will look for all options where in Ukraine and how the contest can be organized. Ukraine did it already once so they know what it takes. In 2005 the situation was also very difficult but they organized a great Eurovision. The plan is: Ukraine will organize Eurovision 2017.
Crimean flags were flying among Ukrainian ones when Jamala returned home to a hero's welcome. 

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