Monday, May 16, 2016


Belgium proves that when it qualifies, it's a success. 6th, 12th, 4th, 10th. In short: send a good one or a total crap, no need to get 20th something places.

Same goes for Bulgaria. If you make it, make it good. 5th and 4th in the final. All the other failures to qualify.

Czech Republic on the other hand shared San Marino's (2014) fate: once you finally qualify it's at the bottom. 24th and 25th. 

And that leaves us only with Andorra as the only participating country that has never been in the final.....

Big 5s Spain (22nd), United Kingdom (24th) and Germany fail again (26th). Germany last for the second year in a row..... Just imagine Australia won and the contest went to Germany for real - backed up by two last places!

Ukraine wins without winning neither televote nor jury vote. If the last year's voting system was still in use, Australia would have won.

Sergey Lazarev does Il Volo, wins televote but not the contest. Their 5th top-7 in a row.

Sweden scores 5th top-5 in six years. The worst (13th in 2013 and 5th in 2016) place being when hosting the contest.

France does their best placing since 2002. And only their 5th top-10 in 20 years.

Poland once again did great with televoters jumping from 25th to 8th thanks to televotes.

Both Donny Montell (from 14th to 9th) and Poli Genova (failed to qualify to 4th) managed to better their previous record, while Ira Losco (from 2nd to 12th) and Kaliopi (from 13th to non qualification as 11th in semi final) didn't.

Austria made a nice comeback from last year's disaster; Winner in 2014, last with zero points in 2015, 13. in 2016. Talk about variability!

Israel, Latvia and the Netherlands seem to have found again the key for qualification. One of them is about to win again soon.

On the other hand Azerbaijan is still making the final but that's all. No more striking deals with small countries, are you?

Italy failed badly the expectations. But the song isn't one for 3 minutes first hearing kind of song. It wasn't that even in Sanremo but grew over the week and further performances. Incredible but true it's Italy's third worst placing! After Emma' 21st in 2014 and Domenico Modugno's 17th in 1966!

Georgia did it's worst final ever. As did Croatia.  

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