Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Sandhja tells YLE today about her feelings the day after. She says she has hopped off the Bubble and is feeling good if worn out. Last night after the emotional post-broadcast where a tear or two have been shed in the backstage the Finnish team entered the press center smiling and singing. After that off to the EuroClub with the intention to party on and dance it away but so many people wanted to tell how unfair it was and take photos and all that so she didn't manage to dance a lot really. Then just off to bed and after good sleep and proper breakfast today's a new day.
Now she feels just empty, has given it all. She tells she can feel it in the girls, too, and therefor they have decided to meet up only next week to talk it over. Now she just wants to eat and sleep and think about something else. Being inside the bubble was so intense.
She thinks this whole Eurovision has been a school; how to deal with pressure and stress, huge audience, media.... very important for her future career, and for her as a person on the human side. She's so proud of herself and proud she's done Eurovision, the world's biggest music contest. 
Sandhja stay in Stockholm for the rest of the week having a holiday and relaxing, and will watch the final in arena. After that she will start planning next steps in her musical career in Finland, gigs and promotion of her new album. And back to hospital, too, working as a nurse. But now, first things first: holiday, sunshine, Eurovision fun outside the Bubble!
And who's her favorite? Hard to tell as she has made friend with many artists, but she does like Armenia, but she has made great friends with Hungarian Freddie who is a wonderful warm person, and she hopes all the good things in life for him. 
And the rumor is the Akkabellas and Sandhja have been partying it away all week with the Cypriot guys, too. 

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