Friday, May 06, 2016


Some changes in Moldova; the backdrop is darker, the cosmonaut Uirii Ribac dances away till the end of the song in his metallic outfit.  Lidia has a new dress that is supposed to be the one, she has added some French to the song when the cosmonaut arrives and this blogger wonders if it allowed at this point? Anyways, apparently all is improved in the Moldovan act except Lidia's vocals but we can't help that, can we? She sings in front of a wind machine the last part getting her hair blown. Otherwise she's pretty static on stage and one would expect her to dance a bit more as her cosmonaut is all over the place..... A borderline qualifier. Maybe. Or then not, the astronaut didn't help the first time he appeared on Eurovision stage, not sure if the weide audiences find it any proper this time.
In press conference Lidia promised further changes to the staging and said the French lines are now taken to the consideration of EBU and if they agree will be used in semifinal. 

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