Wednesday, May 04, 2016


The third day kicked off to the heartbeats of Justs and Latvia. One of the early season favorites to win and he didn't disappoint. Simple and strong, basicly the same performance as in the national final earlier this year, just updated and a bit polished. He's alone filling the stage, wearing his familiar leather jacket and t-shirt. Blue, green and red in the backdrop with white vertical lights on both sides of him. As icing on the cake a close up of his face when he exhales the long breath in the end of the song. There's also a beautiful shot in the bridge where he turns his back to the audience and we can see whole Globen behind him. He's got an unique voice, he has energy and no need for extra gimmicks. Latvia rocks! Perfect for their Independance day today!
In the Meet & Greet he was happy with everything. He felt even completely at ease at that huge stage even if he's been more like a street artist so far. And no, he's not stressed. And then he performs the acoustic version of his entry. Equally fab. Aminata is coming in town later btw. He has big plans for the post-Eurovision, new hits and recordings coming up. he also tells he's living life as every day was his last, thus feeling his heartbeat every day. That's a good attitude, we should all take example. 
Check out the video at the bottom of this post for more things he said and was asked, and of course the acoustic performance.... 
Before the rehearsals he said it's great to be first, as then he can just sit back relax and enjoy the other performances.... Good spirit!

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