Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Ireland's Nicky Byrne brings on stage a whole band: drummer, keyboards and guitarist who are on raised platforms while Nicky himself on center stage with his microphone stands, that he loses midsong. Backdrop is fireball red and the performance is gimmick free. Nicky's vocals are fine against the common belief he can't sing live. He wears nulticolor leather jacket and black jeans. Some mixed reviews as some say everything went wrong and he didn't seem very happy, the others that he nailed every camera and all was fine. Hmm...
In the Meet & Greet he reveals that he knew already as a kid he would end up in Eurovision, as there's nothing that can make you so proud than representing your country, and the last two years being the spokesperson was just a prelude. For him it's like being in the Olympics. He talks about the Irish history in the contest and the struggle in the past few years and his goal is bring Ireland back to the final and then who knows? 
He has performed in Globen before as a member of Westlife but now going solo. He's impressed how massive the contest is, and impressed with the flags and banners all over the city. 

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