Monday, May 02, 2016


Reports coming from Globen tell Greece managed much better with the television screen shots than Finland. The act seems to have it all from traditional instruments to huge drums and all group dressed in white like Greek Gods and of course the climax: some Zorbas dancing and chest bouncing , all topped with a male dancer. 
Who said Greece isn't qualifying? This act has worked a zillion times and why wouldn't it work again? This is pure Eurovision. The group tells they have been practising every day the past two months. Apparently it shows. Did the Greek Gods just stole the thunder from the Carelian-Caribian healer? In the Meet & Greet the band is kinda adorably lost and shy and clumsy. One lady in particular had problems holding her microphone, hopefully she remembers that when singing! In the end, the message of the song is not to give up. A bit like sing it away and just keep going. Opa!

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