Saturday, May 07, 2016


France took the stage for the first time last night. Amir was in the good mood before the rehearsal and very curious about the stage. No visible signs of pressure of being the main challenger for the victory along with Russia. All eyes were on Amir and did he deliver? Yes, he did. In his signature blue suits and white t-shirt with tennis shoes he charmed the cameras and sung well. But the rest. Simply blue (again!) lit stage, with moon in the floor an planets in the backdrop. I would have never said this but I almost missed those tutu girls now. One can say at least France is not overstaging it as often has happened. Maybe it looks good on telly. Maybe. I hope so. Maybe this is the simple act without gimmicks with just the singer on stage belting it out I was looking for before, the anti-Russia. The general feeling in the bloggerdom seems to be a bit let down. Not Amir but all the rest. 

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