Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Czechia's Gabriela is the first one on stage today. White dress, blue and pink backdrop with geometric motives and flowers. After Russia this is sofisticated and elegant, as stated by many, vocally perfect and filled with emotion and feeling. She really brings the somewhat cold studio version live. Her Swedish backing singers are hidden away and not seen on screen. 
All seems to be working here well; vocals, her, LED follor and backdrops, even her dress. The only concern might be the flower thingy in the end if one is not familiar with her video, as Austria's Zoe will come soon after with an explosion of flowers. Most likely. Or have they changed their graphics?
Gabriela was in a good spirits in her Meet & Greet. She's got no fear of that huge stage, she's got a lot of experience and big stages are her home. And of course their goal is to make the final, for the very first time for Czech Republic. And talking further the team thinks one of the reasons they never made it is the staging so they wanted to focus on that, making it beautiful and interesting. And warm. And it seems Gaby herself is pretty much in charge and involved in everything. Whether the other team members like it or not. 
And for the sweet dessert, something else from Gaby.....

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