Thursday, May 05, 2016


It should have been Romania next, but instead we have Bulgaria. In the press center there was a nice tribute to Romanian Ovidiu led by Moldovan Lidia with many bloggers and fan journalists from various sites..... Nice effort and cool thing to do, I'm sure he's happy.
But back to Bulgaria. One of the big fan favorites. Poli is wearing a dress with LED applications all over. Witht he nude look and that leg choreograhy love indeed is a crime. Tbh it looks quite tasteless. The backdrop is mainly black and white. With police men appearing there just to stay in the theme. Quite mixed review all over but vocally she's fine. She's got five backing vocalist and wait a minute, is one of them Desislava? Oh my.
In the Meet and Greet Poli first of all thanks her team who actually are her friends since forever. Then she tells her dress is very uptodate as its already big in Japan and spreading all over the world. So get ready to light up your cloathing in the near future. Right. She says she just enjoys the flow, as she's done a lot and she's been into ESC already. It's a bit of a dejavu but still different. She also explains how the Bulgarian line ended up in the song. And why she didn't hid her backing singers like so many others this year. And what's she's got to do with Smurfs? Find out in the video posted in the bottom pf this post. 
She said she expects a miracle. Hang on, Miracle is not your song! 

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