Thursday, May 05, 2016


Last but not least, Belgium Now we have seen all the semifinalists on stage. Laura has two male and two female dancers with her. All in casual wear today. They have handkerciefs in Belgian color they throwaway in the beginning - are they suffering from spring allergies like the rest of us? Enter wind machine. Orange, yellow and red for the lights. The backing singers/dancers have podiums they use, and Laura herself is all over the stage including the catwalk.  Great energy and fun some say. Great ending or at least happy ending for the semifinal after Georgia and Albania. Will propably qualify thanks to that but I'm still not a fan. 
In the Meet & Greet the young but experienced Laura tells everything was awesome in the arena. She thinks she will learn a lot these weeks to take with her in her future career. And she wants to make her country proud. She didn't believe she would win in Belgium and will scream even louder and higher voice when she wins here. Right. And yes, she does feel the pressure after Loic's success last year. What does Depeche Mode and Stevie Wonder have to do with this all? What else wa said? Check out in the video posted t the bottom of this post. 
No pressure for her. Stress yes maybe being the last and waiting for her turn but she hopes to turn that into energy boost. What's the pressure?

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