Monday, May 02, 2016


A swinsuit with a cape. naked thights. Close ups of her face. Her legs. Holograms. Great lighting. Great vocals. Intense and pich perfect. A bit aggressive. Flames and pyros. The first reported applause in the press center. She and her five backing singers have been rehearsing two months for this performance. Love changes everything is the motto. It's the solution to everything. Love can heal you. And everything. 
"The stage is amazing. The song is amazing. Everything is... amazing!" Iveta, the sexiest woman in Armenia anno 2012 who meditates with chrystals says in the Meet & Greet. She's been waiting for to rock that stage for so long. And then she goes "Fuck it all, I do whatever I want" for the question how they have tried to forbid her this and that like smoking, drinking and eating certain food before singing. She brings back memories of Emma in Copenhagen who was "fucking tired"... :-) And writing a new song feels like  good sex. So that's what she's been doing lately. (Writing new songs that is). And she loves to travel and is heading to Burning Man festival next....
I am left with a weird feeling how much of this is her and how much is planned.... the searing and sex talk. 

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