Monday, February 01, 2016


Lena Philipsson is set to start her new show in Cirkus, Stockholm to celebrate her 30th anniversary as an artist, and why not also her 50th birthday she just celebrated last month. The new show is based on her latest album Jag är ingen älskling released late last year. Of course she will be also performing her older hits and there will be quite a lot of talk, too, but then knowing her twit sense of self irony and comedian skills that's only a good thing. She also explains it's going to be very intimate affair, as the audience will be very close to her and stage, and not a huge show as she's done all that before. It's a lot of her by the piano and the band playing in the background. But the rehearsals have proven it doesn't stop the audience getting on their feet and dancing along to the music and in such moments the stage pretty much disappears and she's just singing among them. 
She's got Emma Bucht, a theater director onboard making the show so besides some hysterical humour moments she also gets a bit deeper while telling her musical and artistic journey over the decades. Also through the eyes of her two kids. Sagas sång, dedicated to her daughter actually tells her life past 18 years showing photos of her growing up and following her mother's journey. It's the first time she puts her kids in the spotlight but it fits in in this very balanced show, as describes by the critics.
The show open on February 3, 2016 and goes on until March 19 with 28 performances. 

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