Saturday, February 06, 2016


The first #UMK16 semifinal will take place on February 6, 2016 in YLE's studios, Helsinki. Six acts will fight for the three places in the final and there will be only televote. In this one we have well known names Eini and Saara Aalto. Mikko Herranen might be remembered by some, and some might know the humour act Pää-äijät while Stella Christine and ClemSo are totally unknown. 

Saara Aaalto - No fear (Saara Aalto) Review
Mikko Herranen - Evil tone (Mikko Herranen) Review
Stella Christine - Ain't got time for boys (Stella Christine) Review
Eini - Draamaa (Drama) (Janne Rintala) Review
ClemSo - Thief (Clement Ogundipe,Gideon Aiyegunle /Clement Ogundipe) Review
Pää-äijät - Shampanjataivas (Champagne heaven) (Julmari, Juba, Jimi, Heku, Samu) Review

In our little review panel we had a tie with 12 points for Saara Aalto, ClemSo and Stella Christine, Eini one point behind. But, we all predict Pää-äijät to make it, along with Saara Aalto. The third qualifier would be ClemSo or Eini.
As for YLE's own preview video panel the qualifiers were Saara Aalto, Stella Christine and ClemSo. 
As for the television viewers from this semifinal only Pää-äijät made the top5 being 5th. 
The Finnish fans forum puts easily Saara Aalto, ClemSo and Eini to the final.
Escstats goes for Saara Aalto, Eini and ClemSo, as do Saara and ClemSo in my poll. 
So, summa summarum. Based on all that Saara Aalto and ClemSo should make it, but the third one will be either Stella Christine, Eini or Pää-äijät.
I'd love to predict Pää-äijät. Eini and Saara Aalto to make it when the televoters get their real say.... and what about Mikko Herranen? He seems to have no friends among the fans but how about the masses?

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