Sunday, May 01, 2016


Frans is Sweden's youngest artists since the days of 16-year-old Carola back in 1983. The fact is he's still at school and guess what? He's back to school even between his Eurovision duties! 
We can read from his schedule that he does arrive in Stockholm today, Sunday May 1st. Tomorrow Monday he's involved in Humorgalan and Tuesday he has his first day of interviews, his first rehearsals and the Meet & Greet with the media. But then he's off back to Ystad for two days for school. 
He's back in Stockholm on Friday night to perform at Nordic Light night at Euroclub. The day after you can find him in the grand opening of the Good evening, Europe! exhibition at ABBA museum. 
On Sunday he has his second rehearsals, press conference, the Red Carpet and Welcome Party followed by performance at the Euroclub's Welcome party.
On Monday he's at Eurovision Village meeting fans at 14-15.
And on it goes. He has also a role in the semifinals Greenroom and the pre-show with Gina Dirawi, he's going on a trip with the Irish, he performs at the Eurovison Village (Wednesday May 10 at 19.30-20.30).... rehearsals for the final's opening number, other interviews...... 

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