Sunday, May 01, 2016


Edward af Sillén and Daniel Réhn are writing the script for this year's Eurovision song contest and they say it's going to be crazier and taking things a bit further than before. They know what they are doing as they have also written the scripts for Oslo 2010 and Malmö 2013. They both love Eurovision and will threat it with love, joy and without cynicism. And they love to work with their old friends Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw as they are "safe and fun. And they are quite unpredictable both of which are fun. And they both love the show, no need to fake it!"
Edward and Daniel met thanks to Slovakia's Eurovision entry 1998. Edward heard it in a bar in Stockholm and stood up and went to ask the bartender who is this. Daniel thought he was there to critizise the music choice - as it usually was - but it was on the contrary. They have been friends since. And now they are once again working together for Eurovision. "We want to cherish the gift we are given" says Daniel. "Our script will be respectful, lovingly against the program but with a lot of humour. It's something we have been missing the last years. We managed to bring it in 2013 and continue on the same path" says Edward. "We were a bit cautious back then, but we have a luxury to do it again now so we will go a bit further and get even crazier. We have also Petra and Måns, it's liberating! They inspired us, they are so bubbly. We get inspiration from all the entries, their odd visions, dancers and dreams."
The scripts for the first and second semifinal are ready but obviously the final one won't be finished until the last moment. It will be tested with the dress rehearsals and there will be changes until the live broadcast. There's no room for being spontaneus. All is written down by a second. But that happens in the rehearsals. We all four sit down and laugh and joke around, and those things end up in the script. We love to laugh about ourselves and the absurd of the competition but never intend to hurt anyone else. "We live in a time now with social media where it is much harder to joke about things, I think. People get offended very easily. But as a humor writer, we have faith that we can joke about anything, but not at any time", says Edward.

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