Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Update: Säpo, the Swedish secret services have met with the Eurovision organizers. Eurovision song contest could be a very likely target for an attack. But so is the King's birthday in coming days. Or anything else. 

Last night the Swedish media caught up with the news that Stockholm is under threat of ISIS terrorist attack threat. The Swedish security services has got the information from Iraqi security service. Apparently 7-8 ISIS terrorists have made their way to Sweden, with plans to carry out terrorist act(s) against civil population. Swedish security services have already travelled to Iraq to find out more information.
Swedish police and task forces are in full alert but the national threat alert is still at level 3 (out of 5). Interior minister Anders Ygeman goes with "No comment" and continues the Secret Services will comment the matter. 
Linda Widmark, press secretary of the national police department NOA, said on Tuesday morning:
- There is an increased terrorist threat level in Sweden since 2010. And an elevated terrorist threat level means that there may be reasons to pay attention, and that you should contact the police if you see anything strange. There is no difference with the past. We have an elevated terrorist threat level several years. Events in the world make the police and the Security Service be on the alert for these issues. There are reasons to be attentive, as there are always nowadays.
Other authorities are being on the "No comment" lines.
Eurovision has had a high security measures for years already so one can expect it being very tight once again, at least what comes to indoor venues from the arena to press center. Considering the city will be filled with people next week for the Eurovision song contest, with several gathering spots also outside from Eurovision Village to Skeppsbron area and of course Globen City .... be careful out there!
(According authorities some 300 people have left from Sweden to Syria or Iraq to join ISIS. Some 100 have returned.....)

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