Sunday, April 24, 2016


Malta will be hosting the Junior Eurovision song contest 2016 as expected after their second win last year. And it was also announced significant changes in the broadcast time. From Saturday evening it has been moved to more suitable Sunday afternoon slot at 4pm. The date is set to November 20, 2016.
There's also a change in the rules. The age. And thank god for that! It has been lowered to 9-14. (This has changed from original 8-15 to 10-15 later.) I have always thought 15 is too old. You have a strange mix of singers who do look like kids and then you have fully developed girls in there, they may be 15 but they have boobs and dress like grown ups and it has always disturbed me in Jesc. 
This is also good news for San Marino's Anita Simoncini - no one can take her record of being the only one passing directly from Jesc to Esc anymore :-)
Jan Ola Sand takes over as the executive supervisor after EBU fired Vladislav Yakovlev with some other people in a rather scandalous matter just days before last edition. 

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