Wednesday, April 06, 2016


The Dome in Brighton hosted the 19th Eurovision song contest on April 6, 1974. BBC took over the contest after Luxembourg declined to host for the second year in a row after their win in 1973 at home. All of 17 countries took part when Greece debuted, and France withdraw in the middle of Eurovision week after the death of president Pompidou, whose funeral fell on the day of the contest. Their entry was ment to be number 14, Dani's La vie à vingt-cinq ans. Also Malta withdraw without giving reasons but before the contest. Their chosen entry was Enzo Guzman's Paci fid dinja.
Portugal's entry literally started a revolution. It being payed on radio on April 24 was a signal to get ready and start the coup!
Italy also had some drama when their entry titled Si (Yes) was banned from RAI for over a month due the divorce referendum. Italy didn't even broadcast the contest until summer. Shame, as Italians missed the excitement of the 1964 winner Gigliola Cinquetti almost making Johnny Logan, when she finished the runner up after taking an early lead on the scoreboard. Dutch Mouth and (Maggie of 1980) MacNeal finished third before UK's own Australian lend Olivia Newton-John before her coming Grease fame with John Travolta, shared with Luxembourg's Ireen Sheer  and Monaco's Romuald. 
Curiosity of the edition was a joint preview show hosted by German ARD and broacasted simultaneously in many countries.
And ABBA... well, we all know what happened to them!

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