Thursday, April 14, 2016


The stage construction inside Globen Arena is in full swing and apparently 36 hours ahead of schedule so everything's going smoothly. The LED back wall is ready as are the arcs. The actual stage deck is going up next along with the subdeck that includes for example the pyro firing ramps. The whole thing should be finished and ready by April 23 while the rehearsals with the contestants kick on on May 2, Finland's Sandhja having the honor to test it first. The week before stand-in singers are using the stage and with their help the positions for cameras, backdrops and special effects are being sorted out before the real artists get up. They will have the technical rehearsal and one more rehearsal to finetune the details and make minor changes before the dress rehearsals start.
There are 250 people working on the stage day and night. Ola Melzig is the technical director for the 12th time in 16 years. He says this year it's all about masculine feel with angular shapes. There are 600 m2 LED screens on the walls and and 250 m2 in the floor. 26 cameras, 1500 lamps. It's all about lights and angles, folks. The production is the largest ever in Sweden....

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