Saturday, April 16, 2016


The last of this year's pre-contest promo events takes place in London tomorrow night. It's already the 9th year and just like the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, the parties in Riga and Moscow this one's just getting bigger and more succesful every year. When we add this year' s highly succesful Israel Calling this season has been an amazing success for these pre-parties. All sold out in a record time, too. Who would have thought back in the day? These are also nice opportunities for the artists to get to know each other, exchange polite greetings, befriend, bond, check out the competition and whatever they do in these meetings. Surely some are happy to see each other again in Stockholm, some other maybe not.... ;-p
Cafe de Paris is again the venue, Eurovision veteran Nicky French is hosting it again with radio presenter Paddy O'Connell.
Joe and Jake from United Kingdom are present of course, as is Francesca Michielin from Italy, Kaliopi from Macedonia, Poli Genova from Bulgaria, Zoe from Austria, Ira Losco from Malta, Justs from Latvia, Greta Salomé from Iceland, Nina Krajlic from Croatia, Barei from Spain, Amir from France, Frans from Sweden, Minus One from Cyprus, Highway from Montenegro, Ovidiu Anton from Romania, Michal Szpak from Poland, Eneda Tarifa from Albania, Nicky Byrne from Ireland with special guests Aminata (Latvia 2015), Selma (Iceland 1999, 2005), Eleftheria Eleftheriou (Greece 2012) and Destiny, the Maltese Junior Eurovision 2015 winner. 

And after that, it's only two weeks the real thing starts in Stockholm on May 2, 2016!

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