Tuesday, April 12, 2016


After Riga, Moscow and Amsterdam it's Tel Aviv calling - and Nadav Guedj might be just around corner to show us it all - when Israel joins the pre-contest fun. Nineteen acts of Class of 2016 will be present in three days of celebration and promotion. Present are hot favorite Sergey, Amir and Freddie along with Poli, Zoe and Israel's very own Hovi.

Sergey Lazarev (Russia), Amir (France), Sanja Vucic ZAA (Serbia), Freddie (Hungary), 
Poli Genova (Bulgaria), Donny Montell (Lithuania), Michal Szpak (Poland), ZOË (Austria), 
Samra (Azerbaijan), Joe and Jake (United Kingdom), Jüri Pootsmann (Estonia), 
Ovidiu Anton (Romania), ManuElla (Slovenia), Sandhja (Finland), Eneda Tarifa (Albania), Rykka (Switzerland), Lidia Isac (Moldova). Ivan (Belarus), Hovi Star (Israel)

Finland's Sandhja flew to Israel already over the weekend and has been having some relaxing beach time after finishing recording her album and before the Eurovision duties. 

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