Saturday, April 02, 2016


Laura Pausini debuted as show hostess with Paola Cortellesi, an imitator and comedian, last night on Rai1. And she handled it surprisingly well, a highly entertaining show with Marco Mengoni, Noemi and Andrea Bocelli among guests. On top of that she did several of her songs, medleys, talked a bit dirty, changed outfits. And it was striking how Eurovision/Swedish friendly the show was for an Italian prime time production: first of all Mengoni was there, A medley included Gente di mare, Jalisse was named (and Fiumi di parole sung but with different lyrics by Paola), Andrea Bocelli sat down the piano and played and sung a bit of Pippi Longstocking, Laura's act for Innamorata was all yellow-blue.... they did ABBA medley!
And more; there was Raul Bova, they did The Superemes! Marco Mengoni and Paola Cortellesi did touching monologue against bullism with Guerriero. Teary eyes all over. That was entertainment at its perfection. 
They show was also a rating success being the most watched programme of the evening with 5,8 million viewers in average and nearly 15 million contacts, and 24,1% share :-)

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