Thursday, April 07, 2016


Grand Théatre Luxembourg hosted the 18th Eurovision song contest and Luxembourg managed to score its second win a row. Cliff Richard from UK was beaten again with his Power to all our friends, this time he was left 3rd as even Spain's Mocedades passed him with Eres tù and went on to score a worldwide hit. It was a close call however, the top 3 was within six points (129, 125, 123).
Israel debuted - with heavy security and rumour is Ilanit sung with a protective vest under her dress.... Once again 17 countries took part when Austria withdraw, and so did Malta having again initially intended to participate and perform as number six. As said Cliff Richard returned for UK, as did Marion Rung for Finland and scored one place better this time, 6th. That would remain Finland's best showing for the next 33 years! (And still is the second best....). Italy's Massimo Ranieri's showing dropped from 5th (1971) to 13th....
That year's drama was provided by Ireland. Their entrant Maxi behaved so bad in the rehearsals that RTÉ sent another singer Tina Reynolds to take her place but Maxi then pulled herself together and finished 10th. 
Anne-Marie David went ton to have a career first in Turkey, then France (she represented France in 1979) and finally Norway before retiring in the late 1980's. In the 2000's she's been making appearances in various Eurovision related events though. She recorded this winning entry in five different languages, and covers and remakes keep coming still.... An evergreen. 

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