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Another four female voices in this review.
(Christian Schneider, Sara Biglert, Aidan O'Connor)
Gabriela Gunčíková has made her way through some talent shows and a lot of live experience to the Eurovision as internally selected artist and a song by an international team.

Blogilkar: This leaves me confused. Can't remember a thing afterwards even if when I hear it it's ok. But then this is sounding very familiar and heard a zillion times before. She's good, better than the song that is unnoriginal. Manufactured. 6
Jack: The Czech entry is one of my favourites. It's sublime and if the Czechs don't make the final, I wouldn't blame them withdrawing. Can't wait to see the live performance. It's their best ever effort. 9.5
Peter: Dramatic entrance, and a decent build up, but leading to a disappointing climax. I don't expect it to get to the final, but you never know.
Robert: This song didn't do much to me first but it's definately a grower. I like it now. It will be interesting to see how she does this live but her voice sounds strong and able to deliver. She needs this because she's yet another woman with a modern pop song. Since I didn't pay much attention to it at first I seriously doubt Czechs will reach the final but I sure hope they will, 8
Michele:  Will this be the first time in the final for Czech Republic? It is surely the most convincing thing they have ever presented, maybe the only really good. This is not an innovative entry, it is a power ballad quite classical and old-fashioned but it is well produced and convincingly sung. If they do not pass this time either I would say that they may throw in the towel ... 7.5
Markus: This is a great surprise for me. I want this for sure to be in the final . They deserve it this year . Great production. Amazing voice and lovely harmonies. 7

(Sanne Putseys, Birsen Uçar, Louis Favre, Yannick Werther)
Laura, already known from several talent shows including The Voice, won the national final.

Blogilkar: Oh well, what to say? I find her irritating and not a match with the song that isn't much anyways. Toilet break. 2
Jack: There's a lot of hate for this one but I kinda love it. Laura's voice may or may not be strong enough to carry it off in some parts, but she's sweet and will bring some cuteness to Stockholm. I think (and hope) we'll see her in the final. I think I'm the only person who prefers this to Belgium's effort last year. 7.5
Peter:  At first I wasn't so happy with the Belgian choice, but I think this is pretty good. It's got a good flow to it, a good song and a bit of humour. It's certainly not a winner, but it should just make the final - maybe just …5,5
Robert: Laura is still young girl and you can hear it in the song, the voice lacks some maturity. And the song therefor, too. That makes it a bit annoying for me, it also doesn't sound comptemporary. On the other hand I don't mind listening to it but I don't put it on repeat. 6
Michele: All very light, perhaps too much. This also presents problems vocally and the song is not a triumph of originality and production is 10/15 years late. This time around I do not see Belgium well ... and after Loïc Nottet seems a great pity as well. 4.5
Markus: This is the best example how you can fail after an amazing entry last year . Sorry Belgium this is just rubbish in my opinion …. Oh dear I even tried to listen to it twice to find something positive about that song … As I don't wanna hurt anyone I will give 2 points :)

(Borislav Milanov, S. Arman, J. Persson, Poli Genova)
Poli Genova is an Eurovision veteran having represented Bulgaria already back in 2011. Last year she hosted the Junior Eurovision song contest in Sofia. In Bulgaria she has done most every entertainment/reality music show and was internally chosen for the country's comeback to Eurovision.

Blogilkar: Poli has a very nice voice and she deserves better. Or this song is a good generic album track Not interesting or original enough to win Eurovision for sure. It goes around and around without any variation and works in radio but her faith is in staging I suppose. If it was for the song alone BUlgaria would stay in semifinal once again. Nice is all I can say but I expected more from her second try. 8
Jack: Bulgaria are one of the fan favourites and it's so nice to have them back. Poli is amazing and the song is refreshing and pretty damn awesome. I so hope we see Bulgaria back in the final after all these years. They deserve it. 9.5
Peter: Strong entrance, different and there is no waiting around for the song to start. Good beat, good melody and captivating. Almost certain to qualify for the final, and could do well, though it's not a winner. 7
Robert: Poli is back after 5 years. I really loved Na inat and it definately deserved a place in the fina back then. This is a bit less interesting for me. There are also a lot of women this year with same kind of songs, with the resut that many don't stand out. Poli's song is one of them. It starts out very interesting but when the Bulgarian Cyndi Lauper starts the chorus it becomes less instead of more. Still ok to listen to. 7-
Michele:  It is a very mainstream song, with the sound of the moment, not very personal. Poli Genova convinces most of the song, has charisma and voice. Almost certain finalist, maybe even a top 10. 7
Markus: Using the same tune during 3 min does not make a highlight my dear friends from Bulgaria …. She got a great voice but this is way to hectic for me …..

(Heikki Korhonen, Markus Savijoki, Milos Rosas, Petri Matara, Sandhja Kuivalainen)
Sandhja beat the fan favorites in the national final and made herself a household name after critics loved already her debut album a couple of years ago. Her roots are in Guyana and Jamaica besides Finland's eastern parts - Caribian meets Carelia!

Blogilkar: First of all I'm so happy Sandhja beat those fan favorites in the UMK final. She's an amazing and inspiring person and the song is catchy and optimistic. And something new to Finland. I totally understand SVT but her to open the semifinal but can't say I'm very happy about it. I only wish the arrangement was a bit sharper but love those horns, and the gospely female choir will sound amazing in Globen I'm sure. So happy to be able to support Finland 100% again! 9
Jack: When Sandhja won UMK, many fans weren't thrilled but I think people are overlooking this song because she beat fan favourites - Saara and Mikael.. It deserves more attention. She's fantastic live and the song is catchy enough to stand out. I'm not sure if we'll see this in the final but I hope we do. 8
Peter: This is a pretty ok song, though it wasn't my choice of the Finnish final. It's got a good beat and is fairly memorable though I'm not convinced it will make the final. 4,5 
Robert: When Sandhja is on stage struttin' her stuff somethig is really happening and you get into the mood of the song and to dance. Just by listening to it, it does not have this unfortunately. 7-
Michele:  I like a lot on studio version, in live there are obvious vocal inaccuracies that should be fixed. It is a strong and engaging pop soul but Sandhja must focus more and sing more precisely. Difficult to predict the outcome. 7.5
Markus: Sing it away girl …. Good choice. I hope start position in the Semi will not kill her chances. She performs very fresh and cute. 7

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