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Last but not least, the last three entries of the season....
(Matt Schwartz, Justin J Benson, S. Kanes)
UK has its first national final since forever and two guys who met while doing The Voice UK won.

Blogilkar: Joa and Jake were easily the best live singers in the UK national final. The song sounded ok back then but now among the other 41 it gets a bit lost. I like it when I hear it but have hard time remembering it other times. 6,5
Jack: I wasn't a massive fan of Joe and Jake's song prior to the British national final, however after watching them live, the song did grow on me. The chorus is ridiculously catchy and they're both cute. As a Brit, I really hope they will do well and give us an amazing performance on the night. Don't let us down, boys!! 8
Peter: Generally one of the better songs from the U.K. of the last few years, but the style is still a bit dated, it reminds me of a boyband song from the nineties… but it is an improvement - they shouldn't come last this year, but you never know !!
Robert: This one is a nice sympathetic pop tune from two young sympathetic guys but you would expect a bit more from the UK. The song is certainly not bad but it misses something great and cool. Also, I miss some of the intensity of the song when I hear them doing it live. I'm afraid this won't be in top-15. 6,5
Michele: When we think about UK we have to think with another level. They could win this every year if they wanted to, but in the past years they have delivered us songs that leave a lot to desire. This one is nothing wrong. It's a radio friendly one, easy to listen in the car and clearly the best choice in their national selection. It's not a winner but convinces (me) and it's a step to the right direction. 7-
Markus: This is so hard to predict. The boys are fresh and seem really wanna do this. It is a good pop song. I like it . Simple and effective ? I wish they will do well. Stays in my ears.... 8

(Nicky Byrne, Wayne Hector,Ronan Hardiman)
Ireland skipped the national final this year and chose ex-Westlife Nicky internally instead.

Blogilkar: This has been one of the songs that have been playing in my head the most of this season. I like his voice even if no one else seems to like it, and the song's a perfect pop song. Catchy. Happy. I want to believe this does much better than the polls indicate. 8,5
Jack: "Touch who you wanna, love who you gotta...." well they're interesting lyrics. It's a nice pop song but I don't think I'll need to bother looking at hotels in Ireland for May next year. I suppose he'll get a result not to dissimilar to Ryan Dolan in 2013. 6
Peter: As an Irishman I have not been a fan of the songs chosen by Ireland over the last years, but this is great!! It's very catchy, moves well, strong melody and beat. Almost certain to get to the final, and possibly a top 10 placing. 7
Robert: An ok song for Ireland with catchy chorus. It does not stand out as one of my favorites but it's certainly a nice one for Eurovision playlist. I have no clue how this one will do. It all depends on his performnce, the staging and a good dose of good luck. 7
Michele: Nothing wrong with light commercial pop but when one is over 30 years old one expects a bit more. The problem with Sunlight is it goes by leaving no trace but it doesn't mean one should classify it as bad. It's just too light and flimsy to convince. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was a borderlie qualifier. One of many. 6-
Markus: Oh Ireland, what is going on with you ? The record holder struggles more less since the new century. This is a good radio airplay song but I am afraid this is again not smashing in my ears. And I am also not sure if he can deliver that live   5

(Douwe Bob Posthuma, Jan-Peter Hoekstra, Jeroen Overman, Matthijs van Duijvenbode)
Douwe, who has talent show past and Anouk connection, was internally chosen for the Netherlands.

Blogilkar: First reaction: Meh..... But now I have warmed up to this. It's a genuine song, real instruments and fits with the artist. It could hit well with the televoters if the performance is good, and there's no reason to believe it wouldn't be. Could be a surprise in a final, but more Anouk like than The Common Linnets. 6,5
Jack: I'm a little undecided about the Dutch entry. It's pleasant, nice... although not very memorable. It's a decent enough entry but I just don't love it and probably wouldn't miss him in the final if he doesn't qualify. 5.5
Peter: Unfortunately the Netherlands has broken the mould of the last few years and sent a song that is unlikely to make the final… it's just uninspiring and a bit boring actually. A pity really. 3,5
Robert: My country is on the right track again after last year's disaster. Douwe Bob is a great singer/songwriter and comes with a nice Eagles like song that stays true to his personal style. It stands out from the rest, it's recognizable and you sing along quickly. If the staging and camera work is well, this could go to the final easily and end up in the top-10. 8+
Michele: The Netherlands come from a decade of total disaster until surprising (and deserved) success in 2014 and now are used to doing well and don't risk at all. Slow down is nice country pop, that goes by without leaving much, borderline qualifier. Musically good but commercially unremarkable. 6-
Markus: He sound very chilled and relaxed. I like that style very much. Great production as I can hear mostly real instruments and no samples. This is a big bonus for me. He will deliver. Cross fingers to him! 9

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