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Another foursome of female voices.
(Barei, Ruben Villanueva & Victor Pua)
Barei won the Spanish national final, and caused a major local storm as her song has no words in Spanish.

Blogilkar: I like this. I would have preferred a song in Spanish with a Spanish feeling to it, but Barei is very captivating and I even like her silly dance moves. Irresistible in a way. I don't think this song will be remembered in 10 years time but it's a good addition to the line up. 9
Jack: Spain is singing in English for the first time ever - and even though it caused some drama - I think Barei is set to give Spain their best result for years. Say Yay is incredibly catchy and she's also good live. I wanna go to Spain in 2017!! Hurray! 10
Peter: Great entrance, and very catchy number - wow - what a great time we would have at Eurovision in 2017 if it was in Spain !! For me I would love to see Spain with, but not sure it will happen. It's the one song that is constantly in my mind. 7
Robert: Spain got it this year. It deserves a top-5. A good modern pop tune with an enthuastic and energetic singer with some nice Spanish attitude. It really stands out among all the other songs done by female singers, I love it. 9
Michele: I agree with those who felt sorry for the lack of Spanish in the competition this year ... But Barei is strong and has an equally strong song. This is not one of my favorite genres but this has a  rhythm that takes you away and it's catchy. 7
Markus: Spain will never get it … They try sometimes more sometimes less. For me this is again just average and nothing special. I wish they come with something great soon. I fear this will be another fail for Spain …..3

(Anna Leyne, Thomas Burchia, Conrad Hensel)
The freshly chosen the Voice of Germany 17-year-old Jamie-Lee Kriewitz won also the German national final that was set up quickly after the scandalous internal selection went all wrong.

Blogilkar: I like this a lot when I hear it. Then I forget it even exists. It's a good, non Eurovision song. Hard to say how it will work when average televoter hears it for the first time, maybe they will remember her for her (possible) manga look? But as said I do like it when I hear it so.... 8
Jack: Ohh, she's so cute! I do think Germany's song is really nice however I'm not sure if nice is going to cut it on the night and therefore I think Germany will be bottom five. But at least Jamie-Lee is set to win something - Barbara Dex! 8
Peter: Not a bad song, though I don't particularly like the beat, or the tune, it's not bad but it's certainly not a winner. Not a memorable song. 4
Robert: Germany's song was one of the first preselection songs I heard and loved. After it was elected it fell to the background when all the other other entries from other countries came out and Germany was new anymore, It is a very nice and pleasant modern pop tune with a singer who is still a bit young but has a great exceptional voice. I love it and it deserves to do well. 8
Michele: The song itself is modern, well produced and slick desite being very simple and generic. She sings a bit apatic but it's still fascinating. Can't really get me involved, with a risk of passing by unnoticed. 6-
Markus: Her performance in the German Final was just average for me but she was the favorite as she won the latest edition of THE VOICE GERMANY. Not sure if Jamie will catch the jury and televoters ….. I fear another disaster for them...... The song is not too bad...... 6

Canadian Rykka won the national final in Switzerland and hopes to follow the footsteps of fellow Canadians Celine Dion and Annie Cotton. Her hopes might go wasted. 

Blogilkar: Yawn. This moves me - not. She comes across fake and plastic to me. The song doesn't go anywhere. No no no. 2
Jack: I really hope Rykka ups her game for Stockholm because she was pretty bad in the national final however the song is pretty good. Some even compare her to Sia. There's something about this song.. 7.5
Peter: Slow build up and a nice song, I really like Rykka's voice, though I'm not convinced this song will give a fantastic result as it just doesn't seem to have the punch that other songs have. I'm not convinced it will get to the final, but then I could be wrong.
Robert: Pretty decent song from Switzerland this year but I'm afraid it does not stand out among the others. The singer doesn't convince me completely either. But nice to hear time to time. Not on repeat though. 6,5
Michele: Everything to me here is far too understated. Melody, structure, arrangement, interpretation. I can not really say more. Fundamentally boring. 3,5
Markus: Ok Canada and Switzerland mmmmm yes I remember big times for them … But the mix 2016 is just another typical Swiss entry.... Do I need to say more ? Oh yes my points: 1

Susana Jamaladynova or simply Jamala won the Ukrainian national final, and caused quite a stir internationally thanks to her song's lyrics. EBU cleared it for the contest though so it's not political. Yup. 

Blogilkar: First I was shocked by the lyrics. Then I was fascinated. I had to go online and check the back story. Then the Tatar chorus was stuck in my head. And I do like Jamala. And even if it isn't supposed to be linked to recent events I can't but think it is. We in Finland feel it, too. We could be next. All this makes this even more important a song. And putting all that aside, Jamala is great performer, there's a tune and an intersting song in there. 9
Jack: The Marmite song of the year - some people adore it, whilst others simply cannot stand it. I'm in the first category. It's fab. Jamala's voice is perfection. The song itself is a bit weird but it works - and I read somewhere the performance is going be in 3D. Will it be a battle between Russia and Ukraine? I'm so pleased Ukraine are back. 10
Peter: Not a great song from my perspective, it's too light on the opening and the beat is not really catching. Along with the message in the song which is a bit too downbeat for me. I don't expect this to get to the final.
Robert: Jamala is a great singer and performer. I was very impressed when I saw and heard her perform and I felt the pain in her cry towards the end of the song. Self-penned with a personal, hostoric message it's a song with depth and meaning. My enthusiasm disappeared a bit among all the other contestants now but still one of my favoites. 8+
Michele: In this song you feel all the pain of who sings it. I can not go into details and reasons, when you get a thrill it is useless to look for explanations. 9
Markus: The message is very clear and we all know that. Happy to have a new language in the contest. She looks very friendly and humble and she can sing!!! 7

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