Friday, April 01, 2016


Krista Siegfrids is one of the chosen guest stars for the world's biggest imitation show happening at Helsinki's Hartwall Arena on November 25, 2016, Stars Show XXL This grand finale follows a tour around Finland. The main star Jarkko Tamminen imitates over 40 celebs, there are dancers and a full scale musical show. Besides Krista making her imitator debut also Laura Voutilainen is there and I have a feeling Jarkko imitates them both, too. 
"I have never done any mímitations publicly, only at home" Krista says. "I'm though confident my voice is flexible enough to make it but I'm shit scared!"
Meanwhile Krista tells her Melodifestivalen participation has opened her many doors in Sweden and interesting things are cooking in Sweden as well as in Finland.....

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