Monday, April 25, 2016


Globen is so packed with tehcnical gear that it has sunk already 3,5 cms! Or so SVT claims.  Johan Bernhagen, show's producer says there's no need to worry though, and "You can never have too much". Lights will be in major role this year and it's going to be rock'n roll meets Eurovision. 
220 people will be working on a live show, 40 people only to get stage ready between songs and 172 trucks full of equipment. The stage alone weights 65 tons. Check out the impressive numbers below:

143 meters of cables
14 follow spot operators
45 lighting operators
900 square meters of LED
12 HDQ 40 projectors, the world’s largest projectors
37 video operators
134 speakers
64 microphones
7 sound desks
32 sound operators
30 fire effects
30 pyro firing positions, 24 of them built into the stage
6 smoke machines
109 tons of rigging in the ceiling
350 points of rigging
1397 meters of truss
10 power generators
15 kilometers of power cables
Stage weight: 65 tons
Stage height: 15,5 meters
Stage width: 50 meters
Stage depth: 32 meters
220 square meters of stage floor
2000 square meters of glossy surfaces
5397 parts in the back wall

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