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(Jonas Thander, Beatrice Robertsson)
Donatas Montvydas aka Donny Montell is another 2012 returnee. He won the marathon long national selection.And yes, his song is Made in Sweden.

Blogilkar: Very nice intro. Then it turns into a rather mediocre radio friendly pop tune saved by Donny's vocals. Maybe a bit too Swedish but... not bad at all. 7
Jack: Donny returns to the contest with a decent pop song. I'm not really sure how he'll fare in Stockholm. The song is modern and catchy and his live performance in Lithuania's national final was good. 7
Peter: Ok, a piano entry is a soft spot for me, and it's nice and easy, I like the melody and the buildup. They should have no problem qualifying for the final and I would expect them to do pretty well … definitly the left hand side of the board. 7
Robert: Donny is sexy, adorable and a hunk. Already somepoints for that. He has a likable poptune, a bit Heard-it-so-many-times-before and the studio version is a bit over produced, so that his live performance is somewhat disappointing experience and that's a pity. 7
Michele: It's hard to recognize Donny from Baku 2012. He's now a bit too calculated and studied. His song is imspired by today's radio hits with a stadium size chorus. It's missing personality but thi said it's not totally lousy. In the live performance in Tel Aviv he wasn't vocally too good nd too much jumping around. Hopefully they have created a more convincing staging forStockholm. 5,5
Markus: Baltic states deliver all this year! Lithuania was long the one behind Latvia and Estonia. This has changed. He is doing a great job! Well done!!! Final YES !!!

(Stig Rästa, Vallo Kikas, Fred Krieger)
Jüri Pootsmann won first the Estonian Idol Eesti otsib suerstaari, then the award as the male artist of the year and finally the Estonian national final, with a song co-written by last year's Stig Rästa. All this in the past year....

Blogilkar: I loved Estonia last year, and this is the sequel. Not the typical Eurovision sound and he's good. Sometimes less is more. 8,5
Jack: Sophisticated is the word that springs to mind when I listen to Play. Even though he beat Laura in Eesti Laul, I can't deny that this is a great entry. I just fear some people will find this a bit dull because it took me a few listens to appreciate it. 7
Peter: Estonia has continued to enter original songs to the Eurovision over the last few years, and this is a pretty good song though not a great beat and slow it is still reasonably good. It will probably make the final but it won't do extremely well there - maybe half way down the board. 5
Robert: The cool, icy, dark voiced grooner from Estonia sounds great. The song is really nice, too. This is the style I like very much. It's timeless. A bit more expression in his icey face would be appreciated. 8-
Michele: Many like this song, I find it a bit boring. I think it's simply a matter of style and taste. The song seems sung and produced in the old way. I do not find particular enough to rise above the crowd and I'd like to see Jüri a little 'more' motivated and convinced. I'd like have more to say but this leaves me rather indifferent. 5
Markus: Boy this is the music I die for..... No electronic elements.... very retro very modern at the same time. I am in love with it! 10

(Andy Palmer, Kamil Varen)
Michał Szpak surprisingy won the Polish national final ahead of "sure" winners Margarita and Edyta Górniak. But then he's got a huge fan base since his X Factor Poland times....

Blogilkar: I don't know why I find this so annoying and irritating. Heard about a zillion times before. Michal isn't bad, and he seems to have as fanatic fans as certain Biebers & co. Luckily they can't vote for him. 3
Jack: I think everyone was gobsmacked when Michal won Poland's national final. And even though Margaret was amazing, the winning entry isn't too bad. The song isn't something I'd normally listen to but he has a great voice and the chorus is really nice. I don't think we'll see him in the final - but then who knows? 4
Peter: Pretty nice song, Michal brings it across pretty well. It's got a decent beat, easy enough to listen. It even has a nice melody. Highly likely to make the final, though I'm not sure it will do very well against the "big" songs this year. 5,5
Robert: It's a bit kitch, it's a bit camp, I see that but I do like it. It's one of these guilty pleasures. Michal is very convincing as a singer and in delivering this song and I do expect a top-10 for Poland in the end. 8-
Michele: Even here we are dealing with an old-fashioned song, with a melody that recalls something else, but you can't quite put your finger on it what it is. The melodic line, however, is more convincing and the fact that it reminds other things helps to ensure that the public will remember it easier than some others.  It is a genre that I don't like but it's hard not to sing along the chorus when it is performed. 6
Markus: This sound like a movie theme from the 80s. I am a kid of the 80s so this is the music I grew up. I fear most judges and voters will forget about it too quick 5

(Doron Medalie)
Hovi won the loooong Israeli selection process. His song went through a major revamp within days and turned into a ballad and didn't change his song as first speculated. He's a talent show veteran. And there's also pretty wonderful remix.

Blogilkar: Love the intro and the new version. A rather mediocre pop tune in the Israeli final has turned into a touching, intense piano driven pop ballad. What's there not to love? 9
Jack: When the original version of Made of Stars won Israel's national final, I was disappointed but this new version is just.... PERFECT!!! Hovi's also proved he's great vocally and Israel are among my favourites. I do feel a bit emotional when I listen to this. 10
Peter:   This has the potential to do ok, but this is not a song that stands out and is not sure to go to the final. Theres just something missing, a climax for a start… 3,5 
Robert: Hovi has a very pleasant melody and a good voice. It does not stand out as the favorites but certainly not as a loser. It's just a pleasant song to pass by. I have no clue where this will end in the semi or in the final. All depends also on his show and performance. I also had to get used to his appearance at first. Now I have seen him more often and I see he is a delightful person. 7+
Michele: The Israeli song is a delicate ballad and almost acoustic, intense and sung by Hovi Star with conviction and pathos. It is a simple propossal, no frills, clear and decisive. The voice of Hovi Star carries it all. He does not play for the win ... but should go to the final with flying colors. At least for me. 7
Markus: Hovi can sing without any doubt. Young, quirky, crazy character but why such a average song for him ? Good Luck Israel!!! You need it …. 5

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