Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Krista did a good job hosting the #UMK2016 next to Roope Salminen. When she wasn't competing in Melodifestivalen that is. Now she'll be back as Yle's special reporter inside and outside Globen and all over Stockholm during the Eurovision hulabaloo. 
You can follow what's she's up to from May 6 on YLE's Eurovision page and in all social medias. Get ready to ding dong!
The day after, Saturday May 7 Yle is broadcasting a live 4-hrs long preview marathon hosted by Raakel Liekki with a panel that includes ever so wonderful Jaana Pelkonen, the Eurovision 2007 hostess, among others. They will comment and rate the songs....
And of course Yle is broadcasting all the three shows live on YLE2.
Besides that, the Swedish speaking YleFem is having its usual Eurovisa panels, already on air since April 9 until May 7. All shows have been recorded and already online on Yle Areena
Then there's Yle Teema broadcasting some Eurovision related goodies:
On May 1 we can rewatch the Finnish national finals 1989-1992! On May 5 there's a replica of the documentary Conchita - Queen of Austria
Yle's Elävä arkisto has also a lot of goodies from the past for fans. Check them out!
And if you want to just hear the song, on May 5 Yle Radio Suomi has its very own preview show with all the songs. 

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