Thursday, April 21, 2016


Back in 1978 we had the first very international product in Eurovision: Spanish girls singing in French for Luxembourg a song written and produced by Germans. Baccara with Parlez vous francais?
This year we have a Turkish guy singing in English for San Marino a song written by a Turk and a Greek, arranged and produced between Belgium, France and Germany. Throw in Italian for the Italian version of the song.
One more thing they have in common: the sound. While Baccara was very hip and uptodate with their sound back in 1978 and so would have been Serhat in the same contest, his sound today is very retro and very much in fashion. Something those 20something Eurovision fans can't see as they weren't even born back then.... and nothing existing before 2000's if of course a no no no..... unless it's ABBA of course. I wouldn't be surprised if those 30-40something's all over will send Serhat to the final in May.... 

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