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Nordic four in this post.
(Søren Bregendel, Johannes Nymark, Martin Skriver, Sebastian Owens, Daniel Durn, Katrine Klith Andersen)
Lighthouse X emerged as surprise winners in the Danish national final. Last two times when the contest has been in Sweden Denmark has won. This time the polls aren't backing this, but then - The Olsen Brothers never were taken into consideration either....

Blogilkar: For some reason I like this. It's very catchy and one of the most played songs in my ehad this season. It's nothing original, the lyrics are rather corny and cliché but everything works fine. Most likely Denmark won't do a triple, but then this could be a song no one hates and telelvoters like when hearing it the first time so it could end up scoring votes from everywhere. Who knows? 8
Jack: Not the best, not the worst.. it's just kinda there. Nice, radio friendly but I don't think they'll set the scoreboard on fire. 5
Peter: Ok, apart from the name which reminds me of the Liliane St Pierre song from way back when, this has a good beat, is catchy and pretty good song - aside from the fact that the singers are a pretty good looking bunch they will get votes, and I'm sure they'll make it to the final. 6
Robert: A cheesy non interesting, old-fashioned (this would have scored 15 years ago). Slick, non emotional entry from Denmark this year. I'm sorry guys, your vocals are alright but the song does nothing to me. 4
Michele: The Danish don't lose their habit of offering us bland, radio friendly and terribly anomymous pop. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Musically so light that it doesn't leave any trace, vocally no effect either. Luck has it they are in the second semifinal and even maybe manage to qualify, in the first one this would stand no chance. But in the final they are chanceless. 4,5
Markus: Timeless song not disturbing but I fear too average to be in the final. Typical airplay tune. 5

(Agnete K. Johnsen, Gabriel Alares, Ian Curnow)
Agnete won the Norwegian national final hands down. Among the songwriters Gabriel Alares who co-wrote also Moldova's entry, and worldfamous Brit Ian Curnow.

Blogilkar: I can't but think about Ylona from #UMK16. I think that was better. But then I know Agnete from the Junior Melodi Grand Prix times and liked her back then. Laika would have been so epic for Norway but this was my second favorite. I enjoy this song after all and hopefully she's recovered from her megaflu in time. 8-
Jack: I miss the disco, I miss the disco.... Let's first just remember how awesome LAIKA was? Okay, back to Agnete. I guess Norway can be proud of their entry and even though I don't love Icebreaker, I think we will see them in the final. The chorus does get a bit repetitive. 6.5
Peter: This song confused me for a while, it's basically two different songs/beats mashed together. While personally I don't like the way the flow is interupted I can see it appeal to a lot of people and it's not too bad. It will make the final, but it won't be a winner. 4
Robert: Delightful song from Norway. Good build up. Strong vocals. I love it a lot. For me it's certainly a top-10 song. 8+
Michele: Norway's entry divides this year. Decractors point out it's made of two completely different songs, two different rhythms. It's a bit chaotic and not very original. The first part being very Euphoria-esque. Analysing all this yes, it isn't that far from the truth but the final product does have its fascination and great production. All this should bring Agnete to final. 6
Markus: I guess the ice will be too thick to break trough the Semi Final . I expected more from Norway. Not a fan of this! 4

(Frans Jeppsson Wall, Fredrik Andersson, Michael Saxell, Oscar Fogelström)
Swedes decided it's time for a simple and downshifting and after all show numbers Frans' simple song and staging won the national final.

Blogilkar: While most everyone else is trying to figure out how to copy their winning act without being too obvious Sweden itself has already moved to another planet in staging effect.Also, everyone's complaining Serhat talking through his song but Frans isn't singing that much either. This was one of my 3 favorites in Sweden and in the end maybe the favorite. I like this much more than Heroes and should Sweden win again, I would be a lot less pissed than last year. A song I enjoy to listen to everytime I hear it. 9
Jack: Firstly - Oscar should've won Melfest. His song was just perfection. Anyway, Frans's effort is nice. Not very memorable but sometimes maybe less is more? I don't get why so many fans dislike this song. 6.5
Peter: Good opening, catchy and contemporary, but still I'm not convinced this is totally original, and I'm also not sure that Frans will be able to pull it off on the night, however, I hope he does. Personally in the final I will be cheering for him. 7
Robert: Sweden got blinded en masse by Frans and I still don't get it really. Why? There are some nice elementsin the song but it's certainly not among my favorites. The singer is also too much of a kid still. 6,5
Michele: The Swedish choice of this year has surprised a bit everyone. It's all you would NOT expect from Sweden. Structure, interpretation and production. Everything surprisingly simple and bare. It is a very radio friendly, more for the road-trip that a song contest. All features that do not facilitate to get noticed and remembered especially in a competition of 26 songs ... but beware of the refrain. It sticks in your head without even you realizing it. Personally I find it a very interesting entry, but objectively I can only give a positive overall grade. Moving with the times. 7
Markus: Thank you Sweden for not sounding Swedish the first time ever. This boy does a great job. I am in love with that song! I would no be sorry if they would win again this year!  10

(Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir)
Another returnee from the 2012 edition, Greta Salóme. This time with a self penned song she won the national final with.

Blogilkar: I find this very calculated, manufactured until the last detail. Greta is a good performed but she's so caught up throwing her hair to the left, then to the right she comes across rather ADHD and too concentrated on getting her moves right for the projections. The song itself isn't anything new, a tyical Eurovision entry. The overal impression is the demons Måns were singing about last year are set free and hunting poor Greta. This could be a shocker non qualifier. 6
Jack: Greta is one of the favourites to win and I'd love to see Iceland win for the first time ever. The song is fab - I could easily see it being played on the radios here in the UK. The stage presentation will also be memorable so this will help her. Iceland deserves a win. 9
Peter: This isn't the best song that Iceland has sent in the last years, however, it is a good solid song with a good beat and nice movement to it along with a memorable melody. Likely to get to the final and could do ok, though not a top 10 type song. 5,5
Robert: Iceland did not send my favorite. Unfortunately. I know many fans really appreciate this song of Greta but it does not much to me at all. I tried hard but nothing is happening. 5,5
Michele: It is an unconvincing mess. There are too many quotations, both visual and musical. It ranges from the last two Swedish winners regarding the staging and Icelandic Of Monsters And Men in purely instrumental parts. Admirable commitment but again there is little anything new. It remains a very nice project that should work on screen but my judgment is a little cold. 5
Markus: I loved her first entry not so sure about this one … We know she can sing and I am sure they will put a great stage performance for that song. Final yes... Top 10 nope ….. 6

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