Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Before Lighthouse X travel to Sweden and participate in the grand show, they are inviting everyone to join them for a quite different performance – an intimate concert. And it will not be the regular kind of intimate show, as it will be live-streamed, allowing everyone to attend the concert in the comfort of their own home – completely free. During the show, on April 25th at 8pm, the audience can ask the Danish representatives of the Eurovision Song Contest questions, which they will answer live. The fans of the band can look forward to experiencing the band play their most popular songs in the very special setting. The concert can be experienced through this link – please note that registration is required to gain access:
“We are really looking forward to trying out this format, as it is both very intimate and far-reaching all at once,” Søren Bregendal explains and continues: “It will be an exciting and challenging contrast to the big Eurovision performance, which we are also busy preparing for. It will be a back to basics performance, and I think that’s healthy for us. And regardless of the format, our mission always stays the same – to make a positive change through music, because we have an honest belief that music can unite people in a way that no other ways of communication can."

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