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A couple of artists returning in this one, a country returning and one country returning to more autenthic sound. And here are the other two non-English including songs besides Austria this year.
(Romeo Grill)
Kaliopi returns to Eurovision after her 2012 experience. Once again she was internally selected - due to public demand by her fans it seems - and her song is written by her ex-husband.

Blogilkar: I adore Kaliopi. This out of the way let's get to the song. It wasn't quite what I expected after 2012 and her songs since. It's been labeled dated and oldfashioned and boring and ridiculed with references to donuts. The fact remains she's amazing live and can make this work on stage no mattr what. And I do like the song, too. It starts off a bit like a lullaby but even if I don't understand a word I believe every word. She deserves the final as this is a real song, not manufactured for Eurovision. 9
Jack: The Macedonian queen is back. No, this song isn't as good as her 2012 effort but it's still gorgeous. A tad old fashioned but I think people will like that, and the juries will for sure. I'm sure us Brits will remember this as the donut song... 7.5
Peter: Simple melodic tune, the language and the singer's voice gives the song a bit of mystery, but I'm not sure the styles of the singing and the rock match well.. So I don't expect it to do well. 4,5
Robert: Kaliopi is a rofessional and a personality. More than listening to the studio version you should experience her singing live and the song, even if in Macedonian, hits you right in the heart. I expect a place in the final thanks to her great interpretation. The song is a grower, traditional and timeless but when she does it live you are swept away. 8
Michele: We all agree Kaliopi's talent and voice are outstanding, but Dona isn't quite in the Crno i belo's league. It's a bit tired at birth, with poor and oldfashioned arrangement, a bit like mid 90's Sanremo song. I'm not even sure she will make the final. 5
Markus: She is back ….. The fans love her but will the jury and the tele voters will love her as much?  I cross fingers because she is a lovely lady! Good luck! 5
(Almir Ajanović, Jasmin Fazlić)
Also Deen is a returning artist (He did 2004) and Bosnia & Herzegovina is a welcome returning country with an internally selected act. He's got company from a singer, a rapper and a violinist. And apparently the team spirit is not so good; the author of the song is left home after a bar fight with the artists....

Blogilkar: When I heard this for the first time I loved it. Then I have cooled down a bit. But it's full of Balcan pathos that I like. The orchestration screams old school Eurovision. Extra points for singing in Bosnian. The violin is great. And I even like the rap bit. Without it this could have been Bosnia circa 1990. 7,5
Jack: This is beautiful. I'm so pleased Bosnia decided to return. It's refreshing to hear a language other than English in the contest. I'm not too keen on the rapping but I can live with that as the rest of the song is epic. If there's any justice, they'll do incredibly well. 9
Peter: First impressions of this song is ethnica, but it takes too long for the introduction. The melody is strong, though the style is outdated and unlikely to get the audience to vote for them. I don't expect B&H to get to the final, but you never know.
Robert: It took some time to like this but now it finally got there. It's not an easy song and unpredictable at times which is nice in the long run. It's very Balkan that I rate positive and it's great they sing in their own language. I doubt they reach the final though as the song needs more listenings to appreciate it. 8-
Michele: A song like this would have made sparks about ten years ago. Now the Balcan countries have played the ethnic ballad card a bit too many times. The problem is it's the same song every year and it doesn't matter it comes from Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro.... Almost certain finalist with minimal risk. Personally I'm getting bored. 4,5
Markus: I am a big fan of Balkan songs … This one started off very good but as soon the rap turns in the song is ruined.....Thanks at least for singing in your own language and welcome back Bosnia. 5

(Vladimiros Sofianides)
Greece sends an internally selected unknown band, something that has angered some fans. They also move away from  mainstream bubblegum pop to more ethnic sound with some rap included.

Blogilkar: Another very old school Eurovision that is 2010's only thanks to the rap. It will be interesting to see how this does but I wouldn't be surprised if Greece qualifies for the final once again. And I kinda wish it will, to the horror or fans! I enjoy this. Propably the staging will be epic. 6,5
Jack: I'm sorry but if there's any justice Greece's 100% qualification will be broken this year. I hate the rapping, the chorus is pretty annoying.... bleaah. 2
Peter: Well Greece is nog going for their second win with this song. It's too ethnic and I don't think it will get to the final.
Robert: Very catchy song with nice beats and traditional instruments. I like it. I only heard it today because I didn't bother listening it as I only heard and read it's so bad. Well, I disagree completely! I love it. 7,5
Michele: It's very hard for me to like the Greek entry as I don't like rap nor speak Greek so the text has no impact whatsoever. I also find the female vocal timbre in the chorus very bad and can't think it will sound any better live. Even from the musical point of view this isn't very convincing. This is maybe the worst Greek entry ever. Are they missing the final for the very first time? 2
Markus: I like if countries try different things... And Greece do that this year. I am sure they make a stage performance televoters will remember. 6

(Ivana Peters)
Sanja Vučić aka ZAA was also internally selected, apparently after original choice Ivana Peters was too busy elsewhere but she got her song anyways to the contest as the author. 

Blogilkar: She's fabulously overdramatic. A real song, good melody and it would be interesting to hear Kaliopi belt this out. Jazz divas and Nina Zilli come to mind when looking at her but it's also a pleasure to listen to this. A quality act Serbia can be proud of. 9
Jack: The Serbian version of Nina Zilli? I actually love this song. She's amazing live and even though Serbia isn't among the favourites, I think she could be a dark horse. The juries will love her as I do already. 8
Peter: Ok entrance, but nothing too special. Sanja's voice is not the most inspiring, and the song just isn't that good. The buildup and climax just doesn't have any kick to it. Not a qualifier. 3
Robert: Well, this was one of my favorites at the beginning after she presented it with a great video with an over the top Amy Winehouse presentation. I loved it. Now I saw her perform it on a couple of pre-parties and although she sings ok live, the presentation does not have this quality as I'd like to see and the song got a bit less interesting for me. 7+
Michele: A song that grows with time and is even more convincing if you see her performing. She's a force of nature, charismatic with great voice, relaxed and very friendly. A rather classic power ballad that convinces, mainly thanks to her. 7
Markus: Epic sound, great voice! I hope her performance will not be over loaded and too much … I like that kind of production! 8

And how wonderful this is in Serbian?

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