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This is maybe the most unfortunate group of songs.
(Gabriel Alares, Sebastian Lestapier, Ellen Berg, Leonid Gutkin)
Lidia won the very mediocre Moldovan national final, with a song partly Made in Sweden.

Blogilkar: How generic and unmemorable can you get? This is kinda ok when you hear the studio version, but live it has been painful so far everytime I have heard it. Unoriginal in every way 100%. 4
Jack: I have to admit Falling Stars is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I doubt Moldova will make the final and there's a chance this will be a car crash on stage, but I just can't help but enjoy this song when I listen. 6
Peter: Personally I'm not such a big fan of Lidia's voice, it doesn't captivate me. But I do like the typical Eurovision chorus which is pretty good - the only reservation I have is if this is a memorable song - so far I don't think so. 5,5 
Robert: OMG, this is such a Melodifestivalen song. Heard this kind of song so many times before. It's not bad but certainly not one I want to hear often. The singer is also not so interesting really. She looks so insecure at times. A bit too less convincing. 5
Michele: This seems to be a leftover from some Swedish selection from the last decade. Cheap production, on sale. Not managing even convince as a dance track. 3
Markus: Nice tune but sound too Swedish to me. 5

(Ovidiu Anton)
Ovidiu finally won the Romanian national final with self penned song after many, many attemps in various contest to win something. And then just 2 weeks before the contest EBU kicked Romania out. .... But we will keep this reviews in here after all. 

Blogilkar: I'm writing this after the news and I can only think that maybe it was a blessing for Ovidiu, he may have escpaed the fate of becoming the first Romanian artist not to qualify for the final. A totally unoriginal and heard a million times before musical/rock opera anthem. The one I always skip on the album as it's just annoying. 2
Jack: Probably one of my least favourites this year. I guess I thought Romania would send something awesome and instead we're left with this.. it's dramatic and a bit pretentious. One a positive note - I liked the topless dancer in the national final. I hope he comes to Stockholm..... 1
Peter:  Not a particularly inspiring song, a bit Meatloafy in style and his voice is pretty good, but I don't see this going anywhere except back to Romania. 4,5 
Robert: Strong voice, strong live performer but with a song and appearance that is not my style. A strong point is he wrote and composed his owns song. 5,5
Michele: There's a certain drama in this song. The problem is everything seems to be taken over the top. It seems to be wanting to be rock but it's not even close. Exaggerated performance, questionable staging... it's all kitch. He can sing though. Objective fact. 4
Markus: Sorry Romania …... but since THIS IS MY LIFE everything can get through the final :) personally no thanks 2

(Olcayto Ahmet Tuğsuz, Nektarios Tyrakis)
Turkish Serhat was chosen internally, as always for San Marino, and his song is a collaboration of Turkish, Greek, French and Belgian authors and musicians, and a German production. First it was released as a ballad version but once fans demanded the disco remix they asked EBU for permission and were granted so in Stockholm it's going to be 70's disco!

Blogilkar: Ok, I do have a soft spot for San Marino and always try to like their entries even if sometimes it's a bit hard. This year I didn't even have to pretend liking it, I was kinda amused with the original version, and the disco one is just pure fun. Fans talk about his voice (shall we talk about Sweden's Frans talking though his song? That doesn't seem to bother anyone!) but checking Serhat's back catalogue, what did they expect? That he turns into a tenor all of sudden? This could be a surprise qualifier, as after all... fans are not the ones deciding who qualifiers and who doesn't but the big middle aged masses all over Europe. This is an old school nostalgy show number and entertainment. 8
Jack: I f*cking love this song now they're using the disco version. I shouldn't, but I just do.The original sucked although the disco version is funky and I actually wouldn't mind Serhat qualifying. Yes, I'm crazy. 9
Peter: What were San Marino thinking in chosing this song .it's just awful … certainly not going to the final. This song belongs in a retro 1970s bar. 2
Robert: It will be exciting to find if it's San Marino or Montenegro in the ultimate last place. I don't see this going any higher. It's oldfashioned in a bad way, a bit loveboat style if you still can remember that series. Serhat is more talking than singing, I can't take this too serious. It could become a cult camp Eurovision evergreen maybe, if lucky. 1
Michele: It hurts to hear such entry from San Marino where I always leave a piece of my heart when I visit it. But I think one could use more self criticism every now and then. 1
Markus: Well, small countries need to stand out. This is important to get recognized. Either with an amazing artist like Valentina Monetta who made history for this wonderful small country I made a lot of friends during the last 4 years . The press and the fans are killing it. I can not predict his chances at all. I am sure this team knows what they doing. 8

(Manuella Brechko, Marjan Hvala, Leon Oblak)
ManuElla won the Slovenian national final beating two Eurovision veterans.

Blogilkar: I honestly don't know what to say? When I hear this it's kinda ok. I remember nothing afterwards and this leaves me completely indifferent in every way..... that's worse than a song that irritates me, as that's at least some kind of reaction..... 4
Jack: Not many people appreciate this entry however I think it's pretty awesome. The lyrics make don't make much sense but it's just infectious. 7
Peter: The entrance is a bit confusing, but ok, it moves along nicely once the melody starts. The build up to the chorus is disappointing though - and there's not enough in this to keep me going - not sure if they'll manage to get lots of votes, questionable to go to the final, but might make it. 5
Robert: We have a strong year with female vocalists and ok songs and unfortunately ManuElla  drops out compared to all the others. The lyrics are a bit annoying, too. I'm afraid this isnät a qualifier. 5
Michele: Hard not to compare Manuella to Taylor Swift, both musical genre and physical appearance. However, unlike the American this Slovenian has less vocal freshness and brings this radio friendly song down, it's vaguely anonymous but enjoyable. For the text you might have been straining more. "Cause blue is blue and red is red." Really? 5
Markus: This has something but not sure what yet. Is it country or rock or …. mmmmm 5 points

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