Thursday, April 14, 2016


Drama! The Bosnian delegation seems to be in trouble over incidents in a bar the other night. Apparently BHRT has confirmed calling in an emergency meeting and has informed also EBU. Speculations over possible withdrawal are also in the air.
In short, the team was spending some time in Vlašić to record a TV-Show. In the evening they were gathered in restaurant Eko Fis when a fight between the composer Almir Ajanović and the rapper Jala broke out. Ajanović tried to hit Jala with a glass bottle but missed him and hit another singer Šaćir Ameti in the head instead. He's now intending to sue him. In the fight that followed also singer Dalal seems to have had her share of hits and eventually Jala. "The atmosphere was tense all evening, there's something wrong with the team" Ameti says. 
Both Ajanović and Dalal were taken to hospital in Travnik. Ajanović has three stitches in his face, no news about Dalal's injuries have been reported. He says the fight didn't end there but continued in the hotel but Ajanović conitnued to harass Dalal in her hotel room. Police was brought in and isolated the parties and is now investigating the matter. As is BHRT. 
Head of delegation Lejla Babović confirms  they are waiting for official information of the competent authorities to find out more about the fate of leaving this year's Eurovision Song Contest. "This is more of an internal thing between BHRT and team working, or if such incidents fall under the offense, it is the job of the criminal authorities. In any case, someone who has a misdemeanor or criminal charges certainly cannot be a member the team that goes to the Eurovision Song Contest. "
Meanwhile Deen and Jala  have posted on social medias everythng's fine and one shouldn't believe everything you hear and read.....
Well, there's no such thing as bad press....

As the incident was caused by the composer of the song, BHRT has decided that Almir Ajanović will not be a part of the delegation and will not travel to Stockholm for the Eurovision Song Contest. This decision was made after we obtained official information from the Travnik Police Department about the incident that took place in Vlasic, where Ajanović injured more people, and because of which misdemeanor charges are filed against him.

BHRT has taken this decision taking into account the fact that the performers, who will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest, were the victims of the attack, and that they did not initiate the incident that occurred.

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