Sunday, February 01, 2015


Latvia's new selection format for the Eurovision, Supernova, will have it's first semifinal tonight. Ten songs in the running and apparently four will make the next step; two by a jury and two by the televoters. It seems Latvia has taken example from Estonia and Finland and feature a lot of non-Eurovisionesque songs in the line up. Hard to say this point what the jury is looking for and how the televoters will take all this. Is Nefelibata or Bass the way to go or Colours of love? Sundance?

Katrīna Cīrule - Bass (I love it)
Lana Franceska - Lions
Atis Ieviņš - Catfish
Milenin & Kamilla - Colours of love
Antra Stafecka - It's the night
Framest - Ziemā
Linda Ķaukule - Save our love
Mntha - Nefelibata (live)
Rihards Saule - Life lines
Elektro Folk - Sundance (Dieva deli)

UPDATE: Four qualifiers tonight and yes, Latvia is searching something weirder and more original this year as Mntha, Elektro Folk and Framest qualified along with less demanding Antra. Apparently Antra and Framest were chosen by the jury, and Mntha and Elektro Folk by the televoters. The jury still has a possibility to change songs before the final, so.... who knows ...

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