Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Carola hits all the right spots in her new tour, it seems. Critics are predicting another megasuccess for her with it, and the first dates (and Helsinki for example) are already sold out. It's been 32 years since Främling but the song is still actual and it both opens and closes the show. The opening number is the ballad version presented by Orup in Så mycket bättre while the 2013 remix one gets to close the evening in general euphoria. The track list covers all her career from childish Mickey to her Eurovision entries, American adventure and gospel. She also dedicates a big part of it for her covers in Så mycket bättre and makes them all work on stage. And yes, she dives into the public and creates hysteria. Just like the good old days. Even the wildmachine is there, of course!
This blogger saw her live in 1983 in her record breaking debut tour across Sweden, and will see her again now 32 years later in Helsinki next month. How time flies... but I can't wait!

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