Monday, February 02, 2015


Germany has chosen the ten names for the Clubkonzert on Febaruary 19 among almost the 1300 submissions. One of them will join the seven Big names in the national final on March 5. It's worth remembering last year Elaiza won this part, and then beat all the others in the final and went to Copenhagen for Germany. The Big ones are Fahrenhaidt, Faun, Alexa Feser, Mrs Greenbird, Andreas Kummert, Laing and Noize Generation.
But back to these newcomers. We have South African born 20-year-old hip hop dancer Aden, Allison Bonnefoy was born in France 21 years ago and her style mixes pop, chanson, film music and soul. Ann Sophie was born in London and this 24-year-old is an ex-ballet dancer, today club singer and songwriter who is back to Germany after living in the USA. Ason are four half-Swedish sisters (Dorotea, Liliana, Joella and Michelina, aged between 12 and 20). Should they win the youngest one won't be seen on stage. Klangpoet comes from Dortmund. They describe themselev as three voices, one guitar band. Lars Pinkwart is 16 and from Bonn. He writes his own songs with piano. Lou comes from Appen and is 15. She already took part in The Voice Kids 2013. Moonjos is a duo by brothers Daniel (30) and Ricardo (29) Munoz. Dutch mother, Spanish father. Sendi Hoxha has clearly Albanian roots. She's 17 and comes from Heidelberg and is a singer-songwriter. Sophie is another 16-year-old in the line up from Hamburg. 
So, very young and multicultural line up for this selection, ins't it?

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