Sunday, February 01, 2015


Cyprus has decided in a smal studio of screaming Doody fans. The endless marathon in the end gave us six good solid entries to choose from and all delivered on stage when it mattered. Head of delegations from Italy and France, Nicola Caligiore and Bruno Berberes were there, too, while Christer Björkman from Sweden was left home. In the interval a lot of old Eurovision songs were performed in nice medleys by the performers and judges. A lot of Italian and French songs. 
In the end Giannis Karagiannis won with Stronger every minut... I mean One thing I should have done beating the televoters favoirite Panagiotis with jury votes.

Giannis Karagiannis – One thing I should have done (10+10) 20
Panagiotis Koufogiannis – Without your love (12+6) 18
Minus One – Shine (5+12) 17
Hovig – Stone in a river (8+8) 16
Doody – Magic (6+7) 13
Nearchos Evangelou & Charis Savva – Deila den agapo (7+5) 12

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Anonymous said...

Wow at the result ! That's the exact order I wanted them to finish !

One Thing I Should've Done is the one that makes me sing along.

Strong selection - I also would've been happy with either Shine or Without Your Love as they're excellent too.


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