Tuesday, February 03, 2015


YLE has running a poll with those wanting to get tickets for the live show this Saturday and on top you can see the results. The same two entries are doing well in all Finnish media polls and predictions it seems. This one's maybe a little bit credible than Iltalehti's one where Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät got over 62% of the votes, Satin Cirkus second with 12% and the rest divided with the other 16 entries. In my poll (right->) Satin Circus is leading and alike in most fan polls PKN is getting basicly no votes at all. 
So, it seems those two are safe and in the final already. The other four then are very close and any of them can be the third qualifier at this point. Norlan El Misionario seems to have had the most iTunes and also has city of Turku backing him, while critics seem to favor Pihka ja Myrsky and Vilikasper Kanth. Poor Hans with his bass seems to be left all alone but he did qualify along with Satin Circus and Pihka ja Myrsky in my review panel. Who knows how this will end come Saturday evening. This bloggers ideal would be Satin Circus, Pihka ja Myrsky and Vilikasper Kanth. Maybe.

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