Thursday, February 05, 2015


The Finnish fans have been outraged today as yesterday a note appeared on YLE's #umk15 website that "in the final televoters and popular juries will decide the winner". We have been in the knowledge of only televote in the final so far. YLE's Anssi Autio has been forced to come and explain in media. "Popular juries are final's show element. They are made up of Finns so there's nothing strange here, Finns still decide the winner. The jury vote weights less than the televotes. They have been in the plans all along but we haven't mentioned them before." One can only wonder why they haven't mentioned them before.... Fans don't seem to buy that and blame YLE is changing the rules as they please as they fancy. Anyways, judging the fans chatroom all sort of conspiracy theories have been born the moment these news came out. Mainly if they are there to stop Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät winning... or just to make sure they will win! Or maybe to make sure Satin Circus wins... or does not win. Oh lord, this season is surely something else! 
Autio refuses to tell how many juries there will be but says they are not based geographically but more like based on different types of Finns. Will we see maybe a Granny vote? Housewife vote? Gay vote? Children vote? Fan vote? We will only know in the final.....

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