Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Surprise news from Israel: IBA has been shut down. The closing of the 49 years old broadcaster has been in the air for a long time and was originally ment to happen April 30. The Eurovision song contest however was in the way as it would have made Israel unable to participate. Last night in the TV-news it was announced they will shut down immediately, except for 20 staff members who will take care of the Eurovision song contest semifinal and the Grand final broadcasts on Thursday and Saturday, the rest of the programming both on radio and television is suspended and shut down. 
The new broascaster KAN will take over on Monday May 15.
So, what does this all mean to Israeli's future participation? KAN is not an EBU member and with its current programming plans won't be able to be one. It's goal is to be an entertainment channel and broadcaster rather than a general one that has also news etc. For an EBU member it's mandatory to broadcast and have also its own news and current events programs.
Let's see how this will end. Below in the video the last minutes on air of IBA with tis staff singing and sheading a tear or two....  IBA might be dead but Imri is feeling alive in Kyiv for them for a few days still. 

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