Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Surprising news coming from Sanremo front. The days of Festival della canzone Italiana in Teatro Ariston could be over! If not next year maybe in 2019. This has been confirmed by Director of Rai1 Andrea Fabiano, who was also present in Kyiv for the Eurovision song contest. He has praised the show, the flow and technology and is so impressed by all of it that he most likely wants to bring Sanremo closer to the us very familiar Eurovision like show. But to do that, Teatro Ariston seating only 2000 is way toó small. 
This brings in mind also the words of Paolo Bonolis, one of Italy's leading hosts and television personalities who has been the most mentioned name as a possible Sanremo host again for 2018 now that sadly Carlo Conti won't be available to do it for the 4th year in a row. But he has also expressed his admiration for Eurovision for its look and feel and has earlier declared he would only accept Sanremo if it is staged somewhere else but Teatro Ariston.....
Let's wait and see how this develops. Surely that stage is legendary and puts a certain dose of fear into any artist but surely the venue has its limitations how to develop the show and how to make it.... Certainly it won't be the same if somewhere else but Ariston but it'll be good anyways ... perche Sanremo è Sanremo! The circle comes to comclusion: Eurovision imitated Sanremo at first, now Sanremo wants to imitate Eurovision!
Teatro Ariston (build in 1953) has hosted the festival since 1977 when it moved there from the original venue, Casinò di Sanremo with the exception of 1990, when it was under renovation.

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