Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Italy has been reigning all alone the odds for weeks while the runners ups have been changing rapidly but one after another has failed to reach him. Until today. Portugal is nearing fast and indeed it's becoming last minute favorite to indeed march into victory come Saturday. Maybe. 
How ironic it is that in a contest where everyone insists singing in English "because other languages don't work" these both two songs are non-English ones? (And may I add Belarus that is also very well received?)
They have also another thing in common: both have sudden movements and jerks on stage that make then look a bit weird if you're not prepaired. Whereas they seem to be part of Sobral's being, Gabbani seems to be overdoing those jerks and jumps if you compare to his performance in Sanremo earlier this year. He should calm down and control himself a bit, all this said with all the love and admiration in the world! He's a showman and a stage animal but enough is enough and less is more in this, he already has the gorilla to get people's attention. Calm down, get into Sanremo mood and you may win this after all. Otherwise Sobral will quietly sneak behind you and win it. (I'm sure Portugal would be also as happy as a runner up....)
While Francesco Gabbani has been taking selfies all around with most every other artist Salvador Sobral only arrived in town in time for the Red Carpet. Gabbani seems the life of a party, while Sobral the one rather sitting at home and reading a book or having a quiet philosophical talk with his sister. Which one will conquer Europe on Saturday night? If Gabbani, he will launch his career abroad and who knows where that leads him, while if Sobral wins.... we may have another Eurovision winner that vanished fromt he spotlight very quickly. (Mind you I love both songs)
What's that wardrobe malfunction just before two minutes? Get him slip and no boxers!

Check out more of his photos with other artists after the jump

 With Greek Demy
 With Latvian Triana Park and French Alma
 With Belgian Blanche and German Levina
 With Imri ffrom Israel
 With the Aussi Isaiah
 With Norwegians JOWST and Alexander
 With Bulgarian Kristian
 With Britain's finest Lucie
 With Belarusian Navi Band
 With Slovenian Omar
 With Slavko from Montenegro
With Svala from Iceland
 With Krista Siegfrids for Swedish TV
Having fun with Maltese Claudia in italiano

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