Sunday, May 14, 2017


Portugal's Salvador Sobral gave them the first victory with their 50th entry since 1964. After so many delusions including three last places, and sitting out at home last year to think it over they totally deserved it. The song Amar pelos dois won also two Marcel Bezençon awards. Artistic award voted by the commentators and Composer award voted by the competing composers. Plus it was both televoters and juries number one all over Europe. When you finally win it, win it BIG (just like another historical underdog Finland back in the day, winning with its 4th entry in 2006)
Salvador's trip to Eurovision was inusual one. For the technical rehearsals he wasn't even in town due health problems. Apparently he has a severe heart issues and is in line to get a new heart. His sister and writer of the song Luisa stand in for him and they performed the winnng entry again as a duo. Now that's also an Eurovision first!
If Conchita's icomic words after winning on stage were "We're unstoppable!" Salvador's were "We live in a world of disposable music, fast food music without any content. This could be a victory for music! Music is not fireworks, music is feelings! Let's bring music back, that's what really matters!"
It will be interesting to see how all this reflect to next year as the previous year's winner always has some effect on chosen songs somehow. This year we already had more static singing over complicated choreographies and huge prop shows. Back to basics in Eurovision 2018? Feelings over fireworks? I hope so!
In the winner's press conference he said things like "you win today and nobody remembers you tomorrow", "I released an album last autumn and nobody gave a shit about it" but also "I never wrote a song to be played on radiostations". "Having four bodyguards to escort me after the win is the most ridiculous thing ever. I just want to continue my peaceful life but I guess it is like this for a moment!
He hopes his victory will change Eurovision and pop music, that today is like fast food and radiostations keep playing the same song so many times you end up liking them. "A song like this winning, it sure is celebrating diversity!"
He dedicated his victory to all musicians. 

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