Thursday, May 11, 2017


Here we go again. Predicting is harder than ever. Out of 18 songs I kinda like for a reason or another... all of them!  Bulgaria is the big favorite but then.... who other? Austria, Romania, Netherlands, Estonia, Israel, Denmark.... what to make of Croatia and my dear San Marino.... I'll come back to that later. After Tuesday's surprise one can expect pretty much anything. However I got 8/10 right in the first semi. Finland and my risky guilty pleasure Slovenia didn't make it and were replaced by Poland and Cyprus that were among those three I was playing with. I also wanted to add Cyprus to the qualifiers after seeing it so I didn't do that bad at all in the end.
Let's see who will be the victims tonight

Tonights's show starts with the hosts Volodymyr and Oleksandr showing their showmanship as they play flute and accordeon, dance and sing along with dancers and choir some past Eurovision winning songs - all covered with Ukrainian flavor: Euphoria, Fairytale, My number one, Rise like a phoenix...
Breaks after the Netherlands and Switzerland. Verka and her mom are back at it with the second episode of their saga. and then some more dance by Apache Crew- a creative association of dancers, acting under the direction of director and choreographer Anatoly Sachivko since 2014.

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