Saturday, May 13, 2017


The mix of the spokespersons is as usual rather interesting; a lot of previous artists, some local pop stars hopefully doing Eurovision one day and some already iconic spokespersons, 
For the previous participants we have Yveta Mukuchyan for Armenia, Safura for Azerbaijan, Alyona Lanskaya for Belarus, Juri Pootsman for Estonia, Nika Kocharov for Georgia, Constantinos for Greece, Bo Halldórsson for Iceland (who is also Svala's dad), Nicky Byrne for Ireland, Aminata for Latvia, Andrea Demirovic for Montenegro, Douwe Bob for the Netherlands, Sanja Vucic for Serbia, Zlata Ognivech and Eurovision 1997 winner Katrina Leskanich for the United Kingdom. 
Nordic countries prefer to showcase their pop star as Finland has Jenni Vartiainen, Norway Marcus & Martinus and Sweden Wiktoria.
Some iconic spokesperson wil reappear again: Lee Lin Chin for Australia, Elodie Gossuin for France, Barbara Schöneberger for Germany, Ofer Nachson for Israel and Peter Poles for Slovenia. Also Albanian Andri Xhahu, Cypriot Loukas Hamatsos and Malta's Ben Camille are very familiar faces.
San Marinos's Lia Fiorio and Gigi Restivo not only are the spokespersons, they are also commenting and break a record: They become the ones who have been commenting the most shows in Italian ever beating those of Italy and Switzerland. 24 after this season and just in time as this may well be San Marino's last appearance in the contest......

There has been some changes in the list in the last minute. Check them all and the voting order after the jump

01. Sweden (Wiktoria Johansson)
02. Azerbaijan (Tural Asadov,)
03. San Marino (Lia Fiorio and Gigi Restivo)
04. Latvia (Aminata)
05. Israel (Ofer Nachshon)
06. Montenegro (Tijana Mišković)
07. Albania (Andri Xhahu, Leader)
08 Malta (Martha Fenech)
09. Macedonia (Ilija Grujoski)
10. Denmark (Ulla Essendrop)
11. Austria (Kristina Inhof)
12. Norway (Marcus and Martinusi)
13. Spain (Nieves Alvarez Garcia)
14. Finlandia (Jenni Vartiainen)
15. France (Elodie Gossuin)
16. Greece (Constantinos Christophorou)
17. Lithuania (Egle Daugelaite)
18. Estonia (Jüri Pootsmann)
19. Moldova (Gloria Gorceag)
20. Armenia (Iveta Mukuchyan)
21. Bulgaria (Boriana Gramatikova)
22. Iceland (Bo Halldorsson)
23. Serbia (Sanja Vučić)
24. Australia (Lee Lin Chin)
25. Italy (Giulia Valentina Palermo)
26. Germany (Barbara Schöneberger)
27. Portugal (Filomena Cautela)
28. Switzerland (Luca Hänni)
29. Netherlands (Douwe Bob)
30. Ireland (Nicky Byrne)
31. Georgia (Nika Kocharov)
32. Cyprus (John Karayiannis)
33. Belarus (Alyona Lanskaya)
34. Romania (Sonia Argint Ionescu)
35. Hungary (Csilla Tatár)
36. Slovenia (Katarina Čas)
37. Belgium (Fanny Gillard)
38. Poland (Anna Popek)
39.United Kingdom (Katrina Leskanich)
40. Croatia (Ursula Tolj)
41. Czech Republic (Radka Rosická)
42. Ukraine (Zlata Ognevich)

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